Save The Fair

Save the Fair

The Clay County Fair Association, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)5 established in 1917.  It owns the entire 260-acre property known as the Clay County Fair & Events Center.  No part of the property is owned by Clay County or the City of Spencer.

The Fair Association was handed some financial lemons in 2019 due to a myriad of factors.  However, as done previously in its history, the Association rolled up its sleeves, made more than $300,000 in cuts, worked with the Clay County Bankers Association, and was on its way to making lemonade out of those lemons.  Then COVID-19 hit.

The non-Fair Event Center business was decimated (to date, 77 events have been cancelled due to the pandemic).  The Fair Association reacted quickly and made more budget cuts. The Association was not eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) through the CARES Act.  Full-time staff accepted a 12.5% pay cut on April 1.

By early July, however, it became apparent that the Fair Association could not put on a 2020 Fair that lived up to “The World’s Greatest County Fair” standards.  With no Fair, the Association lost 75% of its revenue to maintain the Fairgrounds and prepare for next year’s Fair.

The Fair Association has acted quickly again with an additional 7.5% pay cut for full-time staff and the elimination of all expenses (besides utilities and the “basics”) for the next several months.

Even with those cuts, the Fair Association needs your help to make the 2021 Fair a reality.  Without your help, the Fair Association does not have the financial resources to make it to September 2021.

We need your gift to “Save the Fair.”  No matter what it takes, we must put on a Fair in 2021. 

To make your tax deductible gift to ensure "The World's Greatest County Fair" continues in 2021 and beyond, please click on the link to the pledge form below.


All gifts are tax-deductible. 

Established in 1993, the CCF Charitable Trust is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose goal is to ensure a blue ribbon future for “The World’s Greatest County Fair.”