Fair Queen



  1. Each contestant must be female and at least 16 years of age and not more than 21 years of age on Aug 12, the first day of the 2021 Iowa State Fair.
  2. Contestants must never have been married.
  3. A county fair queen must reside in the county she represents or an adjoining county if the majority of her activities are in the county she represents. If a fair represents more than one county, the winning contestant must reside in one of the participating counties.
  4. Each contestant must be an active member of at least one service organization in her community such as a church group, Girl Scouts, 4-H, etc. (Eligibility is not limited to 4-H membership.)
  5. Each entrant in the State Fair Competition must be selected from a competitive queen contest at her county fair. If an Iowa fair does not have a contest, it may sanction another queen contest in their county as the "Official County Fair Queen Contest." The winner of this is then eligible to compete at the Iowa State Fair.  Only contests sponsored by county fairs that are members of the Association of Iowa Fairs will be eligible to compete at the state level.
  6. Only winners as indicated under Rule 5 are eligible to represent counties at the state pageant. In the event the county queen is unable to participate, alternates will be considered in order of selection.
  7. No professional model (one who has had ongoing employment in which modeling was the primary part of the job) is eligible to compete in the state competition.
  8. Any contestant who has competed at a State Fair Finals may not compete again.
  9. Any county fair queen selected after the 2019 Iowa State Fair and meeting the above qualifications is eligible for the 2021 competition.
  10. The Iowa State Fair will accept only one entry per county. Should there be more than one queen contest in the county, it will be the responsibility of the fairs concerned to hold an elimination contest. The only exception to this rule will be in those counties where more than one fair qualifies for membership with the Association of Iowa Fairs.  In those cases, both fairs will be eligible to submit candidates for competition.
  11. It is the responsibility of each contestant to make arrangements for transportation to and from Des Moines. Accommodations will be made for county queen only.
  12. The county fair queens will be the guests of the Iowa State Fair Wednesday, August 11th, through the time of the crowning Saturday evening, August 14th, 2021.
  13. The Iowa State Fair will provide a sash and crown for each county fair to award their queen at the county fair. This must be worn when she appears at the Iowa State Fair and is included in the $350.00 entry fee requested with the enclosed entry blank. Entry fee for entries received after April 30 is $400.00. Absolutely NO entries will be accepted after May 31!
  14. County fairs are requested to select their candidates by competition in which personality, leadership, and beauty are judged.
  15. A competent committee will select the “Iowa State Fair Queen”. Judging comments are not available to the contestants or county representatives. Judging will be based on the following:

Personality, Attitude, Appearance and Awareness

Leadership and Citizenship - Contribution to Community

Overall Appearance, Charm, Poise

  1. Each contestant should be prepared to appear in a variety of dress such as street dress or suit, evening dress and casual wear.
  2. The winner of the state competition will be crowned "2021 Iowa State Fair Queen." The 2021 Queen will be required to remain at the Fairgrounds for the remaining time of the 2021 Fair.
  3. The winner of the state competition must agree to appear for the Iowa State Fair Board in official capacities as requested throughout the year until her successor is crowned. This includes daily appearances at the 2021 Fair and the first three days at the 2022 Fair. The Iowa State Fair will help with food and transportation expenses for these appearances.
  4. If the winner cannot reign until a new queen is crowned at the 2022 Fair, she must forfeit her title and all awards associated with it to the first runner-up. She may then accept the title and awards of the first runner-up.
  5. The winning contestant at the Iowa State Fair must agree to accept no other queen titles nor endorse any commercial product as "Iowa State Fair Queen" for a period of 12 months following the 2021 Iowa State Fair without the written permission of the Iowa State Fair Board.
  6. The winning contestant will receive all the prizes at the time of the finals with the exception of the scholarship. The scholarship will be presented to her after the 2022 Iowa State Fair Queen is selected.
  7. The reigning 2021 “Iowa State Fair Queen” is expected to conduct herself in a manner that reflects positively on herself, her family and on the Iowa State Fair.  Should the reigning “Iowa State Fair Queen” become involved in any activity, including a drug, alcohol or tobacco related offense that reflects negatively on herself, her family or the Iowa State Fair, she may be required to forfeit her crown, title and rights to the scholarship award to the first runner-up.
  8. Should the 2021 "Iowa State Fair Queen" marry or become ineligible before the 2021 queen is crowned, she will forfeit her title, crown and rights to the scholarship award to the first runner-up. Should the first runner-up marry or become ineligible, she will forfeit title, crown and rights to the scholarship to the second runner-up.
  9. The Iowa State Fair Board reserves the right to change and interpret the foregoing rules and regulations at any time as may be deemed expedient.

In addition to the Iowa State Fair competition, the Clay County Fair Queen is expected to represent our Fair at area parades, selected celebrations during the summer, and the Clay County Fair in September.

Clay County Fair Queen candidates are judged on personality, attitude and awareness, leadership and citizenship, contribution to the community, overall appearance, charm, poise and self-expression.



2019 Clay County Fair Queen & Runner-Up
Alex Olson, Queen; Natalie Kroll, Runner-Up

Alex Olson, from Greenville, is the daughter of Jerod and Erin Olson.
Natalie Kroll, from Spencer, is the daughter of Dale and Tami Kroll.