Commercial Exhibits and Concessions FAQs and Application

The Fair contracts with exhibitors and concessionaires to fill more than 650 commercial exhibit spaces on the fairgrounds during the annual nine-day fair starting the Saturday after Labor Day.

Fair management strives to present the most interesting exhibit and concession mix possible with emphasis on diversity, high quality and products or services that have the most appeal to persons attending the fair.

The selection process is subjective and decisions by management are final. Contract holders from the past year are generally given the opportunity to renew space.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about applying for space at the Clay County Fair.

Q.  Who may apply?
  Any individual (18 years or older), organization, association, corporation, partnership or other entity may apply. Name of the person responsible for the space rental application must be included on the form.

Q.  When may I apply?
  Anytime after the first of the year.

Q.  Does the date I apply have any significance?
  We will begin reviewing applications mid-March, but do not fill space on a first-come, first-served basis. Notifications are sent out approximately mid-June. Applications are not held from year to year; if interested, you must reapply annually.

Q.  Will I receive confirmation of receipt of my application?
Emailed applications - will receive a confirmation reply. Mailed applications - a receipt confirmation is not provided unless you submit your application via certified mail through the United States Postal Service. Please do not call or email to inquire as to delivery receipt.

Q.  Does everyone who applies receive a contract for space?
 No, but we appreciate your interest. Approximately mid-June, we will notify everyone regarding the final status of their application.

 Please do not call or email to inquire as to status of your application. We will contact you as soon as possible if you are accepted.

Q.  May I choose my space?
No, but you may state on your application the minimum and preferred space desired.

Q.  What are approximate space costs?
 Indoor booths range from $37 to $65 per front foot based on the building location. Sizes are from 8 to 24 feet wide with various depths. Space is located in seven exhibit buildings.

Outdoor space is 11 cents per square foot.

Food and beverage concessions are charged 12 percent of after-tax gross sales against a guarantee.

Q.  What about other costs?
A.  Exhibitors pay for insurance, water consumption and admission tickets. Food and beverage concessionaires also pay for electric consumption.

Q.  Is insurance necessary?
A.  Each entity doing business at the fair must carry general public liability insurance of no less than $1,000,000 combined single limits per occurrence on operations at the fair. Food concessionaires must also carry product liability insurance. Certification must be provided before contracts are executed. In most cases, coverage may be obtained through a policy available through the fair for commercial exhibitors.

Q.  What may I sell, display or offer as a service?
A.  Only those items listed on your contract with the fair. On the application be sure to list all products or services you wish to sell.

Q.  How do I apply?
A.  Open the Clay County Fair Space Rental Application or pick up the form at our office. (Helpful tip: Please save the form before filling it out). Attach a limited number of supporting photos and/or information to the application.

The application is for all NEW vendors, including non-profit and food & beverage.

Q.  How do I submit my application and supporting photos/information?
A.  Applications can be submitted by mail or email.

For more information or questions you may reach us by phone at 712-580-3000 or by email at