Family Fun Activities

Family Fun Activities

Two of the main purposes of the Fair Association are 1) “we will bring the community together” and 2) “we will be innovative” – we have the opportunity to do both of those during this uncertain time. Each Friday, the Fair will be sharing some unique family activities on our social media as well as here. (Some of the activities you will even be able to enter in our competitive exhibit departments at the Fair!)

Activity 1: Join us for a Fair Scavenger Hunt - COMPLETED!

Activity 2: Color the Fair - COMPLETED!

Activity 3: Design 2020 Fair Wear - COMPLETED!

Activity 4: Recipe Share
April 10 - May 4

Send us a family favorite recipe (or two) and we'll build a cookbook to share! You can share your recipe by commenting on our facebook post, sending through facebook messenger, or emailing it to Please send all recipes by May 4 - we'll put them together and create a digital cookbook you can save or print out!


Activity 5: "Roll" with it Challenge
April 17 - May 1

Let’s join together and bring a little color to our lives with a special Textiles, Crafts and Arts competition the “Roll” with It Challenge!

Much like “CHOPPED” does with household cooking items, “Roll with It” will allow you to show off the amazing things you can create at home. This project is for anyone ages 17 and under.

You must use AT LEAST ONE empty toilet paper or paper towel roll plus at least three items from the following to create your masterpiece:

- Paper
- Construction paper
- Magazines
- Scissors
- Paint
- Markers
- Crayons
- Pencils
- Pens
- Stamps and ink
- Stickers
- Glue/glue stick
- Tape
- Fabric
- Glitter
- Foil
- Food (dried pasta, dried beans, cereal, etc.)
- Nature items (rocks, sticks, pine cones, etc.)
- String or yarn
- Office supplies (paper clips, staples, rubber bands, post-its)
- Q-tips
- Cotton balls
- Pipe cleaners
- Any other household craft items you may have

How to Enter:
Share your entry with us via Facebook or email ( now through May 1. Please be sure to include the age division you are entering: Children's Division (Ages 12 and under) or Youth Division (Ages 13-17).

Bring your entry to the Fair to be part of a special 2020 display. All entries will be displayed during the fair, without being judged, without ribbons or premium money awarded.  We want to have a fun project for the children and youth in our community during this crisis.

Activity 6: Spirit of Humankind Photography Division

As we make plans for the 2020 Fair, we continue to be impressed with how our communities have responded in positive ways and serving as places of help and hope. The food deliveries to the home bound, the rainbows and hearts, face masks, drive-by parades, hand sanitizers, etc., are all reflections of how we come together in a time of need.

The Photography Department has created a Division called "Spirit of Humankind" to be added as a ONE TIME DISPLAY of how we create a positive when dealing with this pandemic.

These photos will be displayed during the fair, without being judged, without ribbons or premium money awarded.  We want to remind ourselves of how great a community we live in during a crisis.

The criteria for these photos will be the same as the Special Themed Divisions.

 ‘Spirit of Humankind’ Division. (for 2020 only)

  1. All photographs in this special division MUST BE EXACTLY 8x10 inches in size.  Any photo not following this size requirement will be disqualified.
  2. All photographs in this special division must be flush mounted on foam core board. (This means these photos will have NO type of mat or border on them.)
  3. Photos may be either color, black and white, or computer manipulated.
  4. An exhibitor may enter only one photograph in this special division.
  5. All other general rules in the photography department also apply to this division.
  6. This Clay County Fair Association reserves the right to put selected photos on display for a period of time after the Fair.