Board Members

Officers & Executive Committee

Steve Waller Chairman
Dana Metcalf Vice Chairman
Dennis Larson Treasurer
Jeremy Parsons Secretary/CEO/Manager
Kathy Anderson Committee Member
Greg Lear Committee Member
VerDon Schmidt Committee Member
Gayle Simons Committee Member
Dan Skelton Committee Member
Tracy Small Committee Member
John Zinn Committee Member

Board of Directors

Term Ending 2022: Joanne Follon, Marcia Langner, Dennis Larson, Greg Lear, Mark Rees, Karen Schwaller, Joe Simington, Dan Skelton, Kevin Tlam

Term Ending 2023: Kathy Anderson, Mike Bryan, Quinton Harmon, Cindy Kress, Dana Metcalf, Bonnie Pullen-Lehman, VerDon Schmidt, Joel Stave, Chuck White

Term Ending 2024: Doug Biedenfeld, David Brugman, Tom Olin, Kate Rinehart, Teresa Schoelerman, Gayle Simons, Tracy Small, Steve Waller, John Zinn

Clay County Fair Board Members are elected by members of the Clay County Fair Association each October at the Clay County Fair Association Annual Meeting.  If you are interested in learning more about serving on the Clay County Fair Board, please email Jeremy Parsons at


Looking for Leaders.
The Nominating Committee seeks individuals each year to serve as candidates for election to the Board of Directors. Eligible candidates must have been a member of the Fair Association for a minimum of one (1) year prior to their election. Interested or know someone who is qualified? Download the application below.