See it. Believe it. The 2024 Clay County Fair Creative Theme

No matter how dynamic the staging, no matter how wide the lens or high-flying the drone, it’s difficult to capture the true scale and excitement of the Clay County Fair using images of the fair alone.

Can a photograph show how delicious a Clay County Fair corn dog tastes? How do you capture the wonder a child feels the first time they lay eyes on the giant slide? And unless you’re seeing it yourself, how can you truly appreciate what makes a prize-winning pig worthy of its blue ribbon?

Rather than trying to simply grab a snapshot of these unique experiences, this campaign turns the camera around to capture the delight and astonishment the Clay County Fair inspires in the faces of the fair’s attendees themselves.


You have to see it to believe it.

The heart of the campaign features portraits of our core audiences expressing big emotions evoked by the fair paired with playful headlines reflecting their excitement.

Each person photographed for the campaign wore a pair of sunglasses that reflect glimpses of what the fair has to offer.


"See it. Believe it." not only highlights the fair's wide-ranging attractions but also underlines its ability to surprise and captivate, inviting a closer look at an event that's more than just a gathering - it's a revelation.