2023 Clay County Fair Theme Announced

The Clay County Fair is an entity unlike any other around these parts. It seems everyone knows—or at least has heard—about it. It is a presence so significant it almost takes on a life of its own.

In fact…what if it was a living person? That’s one person we would love to meet.

If the Clay County Fair were a person, they quite possibly would be the single most exciting, fun, energetic and interesting person you’ve ever met. Maybe a little “out there,” they’d be open to a good time and always looking to make new friends. But don’t take our word for it.

Introducing, Clay. Clay County Fair. Everyone’s BFF (Best Fair Forever).


Meet 'Clay'

Clay has been brought to life in a series of illustrations representing three major fair attractions: Grandstand events, Agriculture and Fair Food. Iconic elements of the Clay County Fair have been strategically arranged to form the abstract figure of Clay.

In the Grandstand illustration, his dirt track arm strums his electric guitar sending music notes through his Elvis like hair. But not to out shine the twinkle of ‘bright light’ in his eye and of course, a slight Ferris wheel smile.

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Iconic Elements

We all know the CCF isn’t just about grandstand entertainment. In this second original illustration, Clay exhibits the Fair’s rich history in agriculture. Classic scenes like Grandpa’s Barn, grand champion ribbons, and livestock all come together to portray your favorite cowboy hat wearin’, farmer Clay.

The third illustration highlights what may be considered the largest attraction of them all - fair food. All your favorites were brought together to best represent ‘foodie’ Clay. Steaming french fries, popping popcorn and colorful cotton candy bring this attraction to life and may just make your mouth water.

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'Meet me at the Fairgrounds'

The Clay County Fair attracts a wide audience of fairgoers and exhibitors every year. Whether you’re looking for a classic corn dog, a rowdy rock concert or any other timeless fair tradition – Clay is ready to meet you there!

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