Recycling Options Allow Fairgoers to Help Reduce Trash

Clay County Fair attendees are being encouraged to help with recycling efforts at the 2021 fair.

Once again, plastic bottles and aluminum cans can be placed in blue bins lined with clear bags.

In addition to the Fair and City of Spencer, the recycling effort is supported by the Women’s Basketball team at Iowa Lakes Community College.

The women will insert the bags before the fair and then collect full bags three times throughout the fair.

“We like opportunities like this for our women,” said Head Coach Ashley Martin. “They get some exercise and there’s always a good feeling people get when volunteering.”

After the fair, the city plans to weigh the amount of recycling and compare with past fairs.

In addition to recycling plastic and cans, the City of Spencer has cardboard recycling bins on the fairgrounds for vendors and non-profit groups to use.

And, Vanessa Moore, the Environmental Education Coordinator with the  Northern Plains Regional Planning Area, is teaming up with Arts on Grand and the City of Spencer for some activities at the Art Barn during the Fair.  “How to Tame the Trash Monster!” as well as “Reuse-a-plooza” will take place Sept. 11, 13, 15 and 17. For more information, contact Moore at

Other plans include: World Clean Up Day on Wednesday, Sept. 15.  The Clay County Fair, the City of Spencer and Northern Plains Planning Area will celebrate with a local cleaning of ditches and areas around the fairgrounds. Volunteers are needed and are asked to contact Moore to identify a time for the event.

MEDIA: For more information, contact the Clay County Fair at 712-580-3000 ext. 218.

If you wish to contact Coach Ashley Martin her number is 712-362-7928.

Reach out to Vanessa Moore, Environmental Education Coordinator, via email at or via mobile phone at 210-823-0543 (between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.)

Photo IDs: These are photos from 2019:

21Recycle#1: Brianna O’Donnell of Richfield, Minn., inserts a new bag into a recycling bin.

21RecycleGroup: 2019 Women’s Basketball players, from left, Shanice Vaughn, Imani Hollie Jones, Safiyer Coleman, Brianna O’Donnell, as well as Men’s Basketball member Kaden Reynolds.

INTERESTING RECYCLING FACTS: (If desired by your media outlet.)

The average person has the opportunity to recycle more than 22,500 cans in a lifetime.

Every three months, Americans throw enough aluminum into landfills to build our nation’s entire commercial air fleet.