Numerous prizes to be given for blue ribbon cooking at the Clay County Fair

Thirty-two different sponsored items for blue ribbon winners and cash prizes are just some of the things waiting for you and your kitchen creations to win in the Oven Products Department at the 2019 Clay County Fair, Sept. 7-15.

Besides classic categories like chocolate chip cookies, pies, and other baked goods, there are several other contests for exhibitors to enter, including the $1,000 Cinnamon Roll Contest. The contest will be held on Monday, Sept. 9 and is sponsored by Farmer’s Savings Bank, Edward Jones, and Asher Motor Company.

In addition to cinnamon rolls, there are twelve other contests during the Fair, including Mrs. Bonser’s Chicken Noodle Soup Contest (Sept. 9), Clay County Pork Producer’s Breakfast Tacos Contest (Sept. 10), Mrs. Grimes’ Vegetarian Bean and Rice Hot Dish Contest (Sept. 10), Clay County Cattlemen’s Shepherd’s Pie Contest (Sept. 11), Meringue, Soft Pies and Desserts, Cheesecakes, Specialty Cakes, and Frosted Layered Cakes (Sept. 12), Janice Nostrom’s Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls Contest (Sept. 12), NW Iowa Beekeeper’s Honey Contest (Sept. 13), Bruce Piper’s Lemon Meringue Pit Contest (Sept. 13), IBBIA Quick and Easy Monkey Bread Contest (Sept. 14), Jim Anderson’s Favorite Quick Bread Contest (Sept. 14), King Arthur Flour’s Contests (Sept. 15), and Del’s Garden Center’s Guacamole Contest (Sept. 15.)

Superintendent Gayle Simons mentioned there will be sampling of Mrs. Bonser’s Noodles from 10:15am – 11:30am on Sunday, Sept. 8. “Everyone is welcome to attend and we are excited to have a tasting open to all Fairgoers,” Simons stated.

The fun will continue with the Signe Kim Lauridsen-Jones’ Memorable Collections Contest, which will have cash prizes totaling $1,000.00. Exhibitors will create an interesting display using pieces that best represent their collection and will also write a short story about their collection specifically looking at when, why, and how their collection started.

Another popular competition at the Clay County Fair is the Canned Goods and Dried Foods Department. This department will feature many of the same classes as previous years, but Simons is very excited for the new entries.

“Canning is getting more popular so we are encouraging everyone to bring in their products,” said Simons. “The products make a beautiful display for the Fairgoers to look at and exhibitors to showcase.” Simons also noted that all exhibitors are welcome to watch the judging process for this department.

Check out the exhibitor handbook online at or pick one up at the Fair Administrative Offices to find the rules and guidelines to enter your work at the Fair. Although the pre-registration deadline has passed, registration can also occur when entries are accepted at the Creative Living Center during the appropriate entry times which are found in the exhibitor handbooks.