Fair advises concertgoers to be diligent about purchasing Sleep Number Grandstand tickets for 2019 Clay County Fair

Spencer, Iowa — With only 150 days remaining before the 2019 Clay County Fair, fairgoers are asked to use diligence when purchasing tickets for Sleep Number Grandstand events.

The Fair has seen an increase in third-party buyers over the past couple of years, making fans susceptible to ticket scalping. Tickets are purchased by these third-party vendors and then resold at a higher value to make a profit.

“Ticket prices for our Grandstand shows range anywhere from $25 to $60,” said CCF Manager Jeremy Parsons. “If you’re seeing tickets with additional fees or higher prices, you are most likely purchasing from a third-party vendor. We’re seeing ticket prices on third-party sites listed as high as $140 for a $48 ticket.”

Parsons continued that it is important to be a diligent online consumer because tickets not purchased directly through the Fair’s ticket partner MIDWESTIX (online, by phone, or in person at the Events Center Box Office) cannot be guaranteed as valid, and will not be refunded if the event is canceled or postponed.

“The bottom line is that if you buy a ticket from a third-party vendor, you do not have a real ticket,” he said.

Parsons suggests the following to insure you are getting your tickets from the Fair:

  • Click directly from the Clay County Fair website (claycountyfair.com). DO NOT use Google-searching for tickets to Fair concerts or admission. This is the only link you can purchase valid Clay County Fair concert and admission tickets through: http://www.midwestix.com/organizations/clay-county-fair
  • Check the prices of tickets on the Fair’s website before you purchase a ticket. If you are paying more for a ticket than the published price on our website you are not buying from the Fair.
  • All communications (email confirmations etc.) should come directly from MIDWESTIX. If you are seeing a name other than MIDWESTIX on your tickets or correspondence, you are buying an invalid ticket.
  • You will receive your ticket directly from MIDWESTIX. If you receive a receipt and no ticket or receive a MIDWESTIX ticket with a name other than your own on it, you have likely purchased an invalid ticket.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, contact MIDWESTIX at info@midwestix.com or 515-244-2771.

Please note Grandstand guest services changes for 2019. Bag checks will be implemented at all Grandstand events at the 2019 Fair. The following items will be prohibited: weapons/firearms, alcoholic beverages not provided by the Fair & Events Center, air horns/whistles or other noisemakers, helium-filled balloons, glitter/confetti, glass bottles, fireworks and illegal substances.

The Fair will also sell beer at selected Grandstand events during the 2019 Fair.