Tradition with a new twist to be featured on the Northwest Bank Stage

The Northwest Bank Stage will feature six different quality acts at the nine-day Clay County Fair, Sept. 8-16. This is just a portion of the $180,000 in free entertainment offered to fairgoers.

While the schedule and variety of acts (three new acts and three returning favorites) is a fair tradition, the location of the Northwest Bank Stage will be new.  The stage will be located in the new Centennial Plaza.

“We are excited to feature top-notch entertainment in a new venue,” said Fair Manager Jeremy Parsons.  “Fairgoers will be able to enjoy a wide variety of entertainment in a new setting.”

A stand-up comedian using a creative blend of “out there” one-liners and well-written jokes, Tim Harmston will make his audience think outside the box Sept. 8-10.  The show that is goofy, smart, and uses side effects allows for edgy entertainment with respectful material.

Joining Harmston will be Kazual, an a cappella group that does it all. They sing, dance, and are extremely entertaining to watch. This family band mixes the sounds of hip hop, pop, and R&B to create a mind blowing experience for their audience.

Scott Novotny, another stand-up comedian, will hit the stage Sept. 11-13. Over his thirty years of being a professional, he has made people laugh from coast to coast. Using clean and physical comedy he sure knows how to make an audience chuckle, otherwise known as “getting the job done.”

Songstress Becky Schlegel will be joining Novotny with her original music rooted in genres of classic country, bluegrass, folk, and thoughtful spirit. She has been known to take her audiences on a musical journey by having her voice float between whispers and soars of the highest music quality.

Starting on Sept. 14 and rounding out the Fair will be magic comedian Jerry Frasier. Frasier is known for bringing his acts to the next level with making audience members the stars of the show. From close ups to stage illusions, there will be smiles and giggles at this unforgettable free stage entertainment.

Joining Frasier the final three days of the Fair is Forever Elvis: The Spirit Lives. This tribute band will make the audience feel as if it were Elvis himself on the stage.

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